Blue Pencil Creative is a learning design studio, built like a marketing agency. This enables us to understand your learners and build digital learning and performance tools that are affective, appealing, and engaging, and delivered in a way that fits into their schedules and learning preferences as creatively as possible. From eLearning to animation and augmented reality, virtual tours, 3D, motion design, live action video, and good old-fashioned graphic design, we make performance and development really happen!

All our solutions are custom built for your particular learning environment and audience. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution: it is a unique design for unique individuals and companies.


All our projects come with integrated support designed to help drive the learning into the day-to-day business. Learning is not a hit-and-run exercise - its about creating sustained, guided routes to success.


There's nothing worse than introducing a new platform into a business just for the sake of it. Blue Pencil works with existing infrastructure and workflows to create new possibilities.

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Carefully Crafted
From innovative eLearning, gamification, augmented reality, learning-in-the-now, micro learning, infographics, learning websites, learning strategy, animation, and a host of other solutions we enable employees to contribute at their best, and better.


Beautifully Creative
Change is never easy, unless everyone is on board and heading boldly to the future together. Blue Pencil Creative uses marketing and advertising techniques to create true buy-in and commitment so that your business can approach change confidently and sustainably.


Spreading the Word
In this modern world, people are bombarded by information from all sides. Getting your message across is often difficult in this contested environment. It takes innovation and spectacular design to cut through the noise and make your message heard.


Keeping Track
When you need to deploy learning artefacts, and track who's completed what training, a Learning Management System is the way to go. Unlike other LMS's, ours has no per-user-licence. There are hosted and non-hosted options available, and you pay only for what you need.

Contact us today for innovative ideas that meet your specific employees lifestyles, learning preferences, and digital access.


Adrian Ziller

Adrian Ziller

Managing Director
Adrian Ziller has a long history of innovation and leadership in the learning & development space. He drives possibility and results through the diverse group of artists, writers, and creatives assembled for the Blue Pencil Creative team.
Marcio Quintal

Marcio Quintal

Creative Director
Marcio brings his experience as a multimedia specialist across various industries to bear as the creative lead of Blue Pencil Creative, making sure that every project is designed to meet the requirements of impact, efficacy, and ease of use.
Chevaughn Holmes

Chevaughn Holmes

Project Manager
Chevaughn is a strong marketing professional with a demonstrated history of marketing and project management for organizations with large scale projects. She ensures all our projects run smoothly, timeously and according to client requirements.

Industry Sectors we have made an impact in:


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Blue Pencil Creative - Partner - The HR Hub

The HR Hub help businesses achieve highly effective HR operations, maximise efficiencies while attracting, retaining and developing a motivated and engaged workforce through full management of their HR function, to targeted HR projects. They offer the full benefit of an HR department and become the HR presence within the organisation and ensure compliance with all HR legislation. Get in touch today to find out how The HR Hub can help your business be HR compliant.


Blue Pencil Creative - Partner - Wyzetalk

Wyzetalk has consistently seen that when a business chooses to connect, communicate and engage with their people, there is a remarkable and almost immediate shift in how employees feel about and engage with the business. The power of feeling included and valued, brings the employee into the centre of the business conversation. This sense of care and empowerment makes a profound difference, and for all their customers this increase in positive engagement has radically influenced the bottom line.


Blue Pencil Creative - Partner - Rekindle Learning

Rekindle Learning is a human enablement company that leverages technology to enable every person to be able to build knowledge and learn, to improve their own life condition and economic prospects. They go beyond hosting content and information online and enable an organisation to rapidly deploy a wide range of content into an interactive and more powerful methodology. Rekindle Learning also provides ready-made online courses customized for the African context and generated by local authors.


Blue Pencil Creative - Partner - Currin't Events Logo

In the fast paced and forward thinking world of events, ensuring your brand stays relevant and on trend is of paramount importance.
From customised creative concepts to absolute quality control and professionalism, their team of expert event co-ordinators produce world class events that are innovative, interactive and inline with your company’s brand values.They offer a unique approach to event management that encompasses old school values, whilst still keeping a proverbial finger on the pulse of technology, trends and innovations.


Blue Pencil Creative - Partner - Success Coaching Logo

Are you looking for someone to coach your people? Do you have targets, KPIs and scorecards that need to be met? Do you need someone to work with your key individuals and specialist delivery teams? Jason Bernic coaches the people in your business because their performance, and that of those around them, wholly depends on who they are and how they show up.  It also shifts their capacity ​to be self-generating, self-correcting and to acquire sustainable, consistent competence.Click on the button below for more information.


Blue Pencil Creative - Partner - DTH

With fourteen group companies and 1 000+ technology professionals across the group, Dynamic Technologies provides best-in-class digital and technology solutions. Software development and testing, software products, skills-related training and disruptive technologies are our game.



Blue Pencil Creative - Absa eLearning
Blue Pencil Creative - Audi Technology Touchscreen
Blue Pencil Creative - CCBA-SA eLearning Cover
Blue Pencil Creative - SAHIVCS eLearning Cover

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