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Blue Pencil Creative is a learning design studio, built like a marketing agency. This enables us to understand your learners and build digital learning and performance tools that are affective, appealing, and engaging, and delivered in a way that fits into their schedules and learning preferences as creatively as possible. From eLearning to animation and augmented reality, virtual tours, 3D, motion design, live action video, and good old-fashioned graphic design, we make performance and development really happen!

We empower our clients in the corporate and SMME markets by partnering with them to deliver:


Flexible and reliable solutions, delivered fast, for maximum impact.

Digital learning strategies

Blue Pencil Creative specialises in digital learning strategies aimed at delivering impact for sustainable change. We connect people with their purpose through innovative learning and change management, to empower individuals, teams and companies. We do this by combining scientific learning principles and robust learning theory with a variety of digital development methodologies to impart knowledge, skills, values, and behaviours.

end user upskilling
and support

Traditional methods of creating competence in the End User space are expensive, time consuming, and ineffective. Our digital learning solution is not only customised to your unique implementation and environment, but it is more affordable, quicker to roll out, easier to maintain, and more engaging to complete.

Digital learning
practitioner development

Developing a learning for today’s world requires a diverse skill set of multimedia skills, writing skills and learning design methodology. Blue Pencil Creative helps learning practitioners develop the skills they need to create effective learning journeys through training and coaching on Authoring Tools, design tools, and Learning Management System Administration. 


Blue Pencil Creative is a proud supplier of the following learning technologies:


We have partnered with our diverse and growing group of clients to create training materials on topics such as: health and safety, compliance, software, food safety, mining, operations, finance, banking, investment, retail, technology, customer service, teamwork, operations, call centres, soft skills, EQ and AQ, induction, orientation, disease control, airline operations, airline security, and airplane technical.

At Blue Pencil Creative, we have enjoyed working with both proudly South African brands as well as some top international brands.


We pride ourselves on the extended and strong relationships we have developed with our clients.

Learning Delivery 

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Getting stuff into people’s heads and changing behaviour

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